Hello! Welcome to Basement Craftology! I would love to invite you into my basement to craft right beside me! Create and mingle!

I love to craft in my basement while the kids are still sleeping and my husband hits the gym. Being creative first thing gets my day started the best.

My lovely friends call me the Local Pinterest Guru!
Find an idea on Pinterest or create on from your own beautiful mind and I will give my every ounce of creativeness to see if I can complete the project at hand!

I also enjoy doing crossfit with friends, meeting for lunch and being out doors with my kids. If I could have a ‘she shed’ surrounded with windows in my back yard, I TOTALLY WOULD and then never leave my crafting heaven!

What is your latest creative idea? Need help completing it or even getting started? Contact Me!

You can check out my latest creative juices on facebook at Basemet Craftology.


Thanks for joining me! I am very excited to start this next step in a journey that has been changing, improving and becoming something big over the last 9 years!

In high school I asked for a sewing machine! I do not remember why or what I used it for before I started dating my husband and fixing his holy jeans! Once we had our daughter I started using it even more sewing her summer dresses, baby items and such. As she grew older and started pre school I continued to grow my sewing abilities. The last 4 years my skills have grown the most!

We built a home in 2015 and I took over 1/3rd of the basement for my sewing machine and have added a Cricut machine and major embroidery machine! My hobby has become a small business since adding these fun tools to my creative room! Early mornings and school days I get all my creative juices flowing!

As I get this website up and going I hope to get some great pictures of my work space to share!! Thanks for joining me and I hope to put a smile on your face with some fun creative ideas I will share here. It gives me great joy to be creative and share my talents with others!