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Day Drinking

Who enjoys a little day drinking on those hot summer days??!!

I’ll move my schedule around any day to join a friend pool side for a cool beverage! This shirt puts me in the mood to take a trip to the Lake house with some gal pals, family friends or pretty much a stranger if that’s who will go and be my company. lol Being outside and enjoying my surroundings be it by the lake, in the back yard or CAMPING, I am game! Graphic T’s are on the rage too lately so let’s mingle and advertise our intentions. lol

This shirt is a muscle tank, blue with white vinyl. Sizing S-XL. $20.00

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Work it Out!

New workout crop tank tops! Who knew that would be the only style of shirt you can purchase this fall!! It’s taking me some time to get use to the crop style. They are so short when just last fall long shirts and leggings were the THANG!!

I bought these knowing my fit friends love crops and planning to make them for her! Low and behold it’s grown on me and I’m keeping this green one! She gets the pink one! I Currently have them for sale on my shop page! Go snag one today! $23.00 each.